NFA Global Bond Fund UCITS


Stratton Street’s NFA Global Bond Fund aims to provide investors with both a high income and a superior overall return to both developed and emerging market bond indices over a market cycle. The Fund seeks to sustain higher income than typical investment grade indices, by targeting undervalued investments which amplify capital appreciation while reducing downside risks. 

The Fund aims to outperform the JP Morgan Global Aggregate Bond Index (USD) over a market cycle. 


Key Points:

  • NFA Global Bond Fund invests 100% in investment grade credits, sovereigns or quasi sovereigns. 
  • NFA analysis combined with where we are in the global cycle enable us to optimise the portfolio country and credit quality positioning throughout the cycle. The managers’ credit selections are not constrained by indices.  The proprietary global credit pricing model allows the team to select undervalued/mispriced credits.
  • Use of NFA analysis and primary focus on IG space should allow better downside capital protection and lower volatility.

For further information on the fund please email or call +44 (0) 20 7766 0888.

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