NFA UCITS Monthly - May 2017

• Positive month for bond markets: Fund’s QDUSD class gained 1.21% and +5.92% YTD
• Fed expected to raise rates in June and UST yield curve flattens: Fed ‘ahead of the curve’
• Treasuries and the Russia holdings amongst the portfolio’s top performers
• US dollar retreats back to
pre US election levels

May was generally a positive month for bond markets helped by a solid performance from US Treasuries and the VIX index of volatility making what was then new lows albeit with a temporary spike as yet another Brazilian President, this time Michel Termer, faced investigation over bribery allegations. A combination of some mixed US economic data and President Trump’s political difficulties dampened expectations for meaningful growth boosting policy initiatives. The US Treasury 10 year yield compressed 8 bps to 2.2% at month end and the Treasury yield curve flattened as a benign inflation picture increased confidence that the Fed is ‘ahead of the curve’. The US dollar index retreated 2.15% back to pre US Presidential levels.

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