The Daily Update - Brexit

Over the weekend we had another three Brexit polls published in the UK. Two of the surveys published on Saturday suggested that the race is getting a lot closer. The first gave a 2 point lead to those wanting to stay in the EU, whilst the second showed a 1 point lead for the leavers. However, a poll on Sunday commissioned by the Bruges Group think tank, who are in favour of leaving the EU, gave a 19 point lead for those wishing to leave the EU. The Opinium Poll, found 52% of people polled would vote to leave, whilst only 33% would chose to stay.

Robert Oulds, director of the Bruges Group, was obviously delighted with the poll, saying "This new poll shows there are a majority of voters who prefer an economic rather than economic and political arrangement with the EU. These include people who might otherwise have voted to remain in the EU," adding “Clearly we can be free, have more democracy and be better off if we ditch or cancel our EU membership, and join a Free Trade Agreement like the one people thought they were voting for in 1975.”

With the campaigns entering the last full week, the remain camp will be changing tack slightly over the next few days. Gordon Brown, the former Labour prime minister will kick off the offensive, appealing to Labour supporters in the Midlands today. He will be joined by Hilary Benn, Tom Watson, Harriet Harman and current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, all who will be campaigning in traditional Labour heartlands to try to persuade people to vote to remain in the EU.

There also was warning from the European Council president Donald Tusk over the impact of the leavers winning the vote. Tusk said that although the process for the UK to leave the EU was “sad, but relatively simple” and would only take about 2 years, a deal new deal on trade could take up to 7 years, even then there would be no guarantee of success.