The Daily Update - Turkey Russia Israel Labour party

So as David Cameron heads off to Europe for dinner with our “European allies”, for an event being termed “the last supper”, Turkish President Erdogan appears to be making peace and endeavouring to end diplomatic confrontations with Israel and Russia.

Israel and Turkey have had strained diplomatic ties for six years ever since a clash between Israeli commandos and Turkish activists in 2010. However, the downing of a Russian plane last November and confrontation with President Putin has seen Turkey return to the table with gas rich Israel to ensure it was not totally reliant on Russian fuel. Now Erdogan has sent a letter to Mr Putin regretting the shooting down of the Russian combat plane and a phone call between the two leaders is expected this week followed by a lifting of Russian economic sanctions which have been particularly damaging for Turkey’s economy. Maybe the first steps to ingratiate Turkey within diplomatic circles leading to them joining the EU; and then there were 28 again, maybe.

So Standard and Poor’s withdrew the UK’s AAA rating last night downgrading the country to AA with a negative outlook adding that the result of the referendum “will lead to a less predictable, stable, and effective policy framework in the UK”, a bit like the English Football Association faces. They added that remain votes in Scotland and Northern Ireland “also creates wider constitutional issues for the country as a whole”. Fitch also downgraded the UK to AA from AA+ with a negative outlook.

A famous cartoonist summed up the situation the Labour party faces this morning, picture this; a shadow back bencher appears in his office overlooking the houses of Parliament, phone in hand. “Thank you for resigning from the shadow cabinet, unfortunately we are extremely busy at the moment and you’re being kept in a queue”, comes back the recorded message.

Just about sums it all up.